Friday, July 31, 2015

A Bear And A Rabbit Are Sh*tting In The Woods (Story)

Always ask, "WHY?" always, always, always ask, "WHY?"

#BearAndTheRabbit #Joke #woods

What Happens When You Piss Off Cecil The Lion's Posse

I wouldn't want to be a Dentist right about now. Especially the ass hole who murdered Cecil The Lion.

I hope this majestic Posse catches their man!

Go get em' !!


Thursday, July 30, 2015

1000 musicians play Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters

1000 musicians play Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters to ask Dave Grohl to come and play in Cesena, Italy.

#LearnToFly #FooFighters #1000Musicians

What's This Trophy For?

What's this trophy for? 

The Tug of War?

Parrot Sings "Everything Is Awesome" From "The Lego Movie"

OH Boy! I had this song stuck in my head all day yesterday! Guess I wasn't the only one heh heh.

#parrot #EverythingIsAwesome #LegoMovie

Now THIS Is How To Be An Activist!

Activists rappel off Oregon bridge to stop Shell icebreaker

Now these guys are bad-ass Activists! 

Environmental activists rappelled off Portland's tallest bridge early Wednesday in an effort to stop a Shell Oil Arctic icebreaker from leaving the city.

Take note all you Facebook, Google+, and all you other Social Media using wanna-be activists. This is effective - getting out there and actually doing something, but posting a picture and hoping somebody else will do something is not.

I'll admit to posting a few comments on-line expressing my concern over a hot topic issue and signing a few on-line petitions, but I don't recall ever posting a "Don't Do That" or "Do Something About It" picture and not bothering to do it myself. I'm not a hypocrite.

I also wouldn't have the balls to do what these people are doing. And I commend them!

Are you an out there and do it Activist, or are you a sit in the chair and post pictures on-line activist? Post your answers in the comments below.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

For Everybody Looking For A Blue Moon This Friday

This is for all those who think that they'll literally see a blue moon this Friday. So rather than disappoint you all, I did this up for you all.

Enjoy! :P


Dating Sites Be Like....

Dating sites be like.... and women be like...

Monday, July 27, 2015

All Hail Satan! Satanic Sculpture Unveiled in Detroit

This is my two cents on the "Satanic Temple holds public sculpture unveiling in Detroit" article.

"The last thing we need in Detroit is having a welcome home party for evil," said Reverend Dave Bullock, a pastor at Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church in Highland Park, Michigan.

My reply to that is, "Then remove your 10 commandments doohickey then."

 I don't believe in any of this Mythical, magical, make belief religious stuff anyway, but if these Satan Worshippers can't have their  thingamajig erected on government grounds neither should the Christians have with their 10 Commandments monument. In fact, I don't think any of these fictional, fairy tale religious things should be allowed in any Government or Public places, that's why they have churches for people who believe in this stuff. Religion has no place in government and  politics. If everybody was allowed to have their way, we'd have Unicorns, Santa Clauses, Buddha, Muhammad or Allah (Oh wait, no not those ones)  and Easter Bunnies erected all over the damn place.

What are your thoughts on this? Post them in the comments below.

#SatanicSculpture #Detroit 

Some Nutkum On Your Biscuit?

I have no words for this.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

I've had it with animal cruelty!

There should be laws against this!

That poor dog, err... I'm referring to the one in the collar... err, no I meant the furry one....OH Phuck! NO! the one with ... oh crap... never mind!

#MileyCyrus #DogLick

Let Natural Selection Takes It's Course

Share this genius little bit of knowledge to those you wish to cut out from the gene pool.

Your Logic Makes No Sense

Here's one to send to your friends when they're making absolutely no sense at all. LOL!


World Map Scaled According To Population Size

 Hi Rez

Holy crap China and India! You all need to keep your peckers in your pants or start wrapping them in a rubber! Holy crap, you're going to exhaust the planets resources if you don't! How can so many people fit on such a small amount of land in the first place? These numbers are just mind boggling!

Another thing that surprised me was the population difference compared to land mass between Canada and the U.K.. I would have never thought there would be such a difference.

You can read more about the maps over at IFL Science. It's a neat site to frequent if your into this sort of stuff. I am, because I Fu*ken Love Science! ;)

What are some surprising differences that threw you for a whirl? Put them in the comments below.

#Population #Map

Happy Caturday!

Happy #Caturday

Never Trust A Monkey


I don't know what is funnier, this picture or what it must have looked like when this guy finally saw this picture. LOL!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

ATTENTION: Graphic Designers and Web Developers

Hello, I'm a Web Designer who had some unforeseen circumstances that caused me to have to give up my job and career. But now I'm able to get back into the game but I'm WAY behind in the latest Design and Development skills used today.
I have been asked to approach people working in the Graphic Design and Web Development field (Preferably in Canada – If you are please mention that) because I am looking for financial support and they need me to do some research of the people working in Graphic Design and Web Development fields today.
If you could, please take 5 minutes to answer the following research question below, it would be greatly appreciated. Some of these questions could be a bit personal, so if you would prefer to Direct Message me that would be fine, in fact I’d rather that anyway. Some of the questions may seem a bit redundant and inapplicable but the people asking for them want them anyway, so any answer you can give that is meaningful will be fine.
Here are the questions below, and thank you for taking the time to help me out, this means a lot to me.
Your name:______________________________
Company and Your Title:____________________
1. On a typical day in this position, what do you do?
2. What training or education is required for this type of work?
3. Where have you received your training to work in this field?
4. What personal qualities or abilities are important to being successful in this job?
5. What pert of the job do you enjoy the most?
6. What part of the job do you dislike the most?
7. What does a person starting out in this occupation generally do?
8. What are the salaries ranges for various levels in this field?
9. Is there a demand for people in this occupation?
10. What special advice would you give a person entering this field?
11. How did you find your job?
12. Who would you recommend I speak with in order to gather additional information?
13. OTHER: Any additional info that you feel might help me out.
Thanks for all your help, the time you've taken to answer these questions is greatly appreciated.

Cock Your Gun!

The military is said to be a little cocky with their guns.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pampers Pooface

Pampers Pooface
"Pampers Pooface"This has to be one of the funniest commercials I've seen in a long time. #Pampers #Pooface
Posted by MacBro's Place on Sunday, July 19, 2015

"Pampers Pooface"

This has to be one of the funniest commercials I've seen in a long time. 
#Pampers #Pooface

Friday, July 17, 2015

Twerking Gone Brown - No, Really!!!

This is all nice and  - VERY NICE, till.......

She shat herself!


When Pluto Thinks It's Finally Got Some Company

Pluto be like, "Ungh, so bored. Huh, OH HI THERE! Wait! Where are you going?? Why doesn't anybody like me? *sob*"

HT: Imgur

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Birth Of Skynet

Flying Gun
A video depicting a drone flying and firing a weapon multiple times has raised alarm over the negative ways in which recreational unmanned aerial vehicles could be employed in the future.

Yup, say goodbye to humanity because this is how Skynet comes to be.

Watch A Bowling Ball And Feather Falling In A Vacuum

You probably know that two objects dropped in a vacuum fall at the same rate, no matter the mass of each item. If you've never seen a demonstration of this, then you really should, because it’s incredible to watch.

Helen Keller Sunglasses?

Yup, that's the name of the Sunglasses Company.


Seriously, what kind of asshole names a sunglasses company this?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Thursday, July 9, 2015

I Have A Blackberry Playbook AND an iPhone 4 Still!

That's right! You read the title correctly!

I have a Blackberry Playbook and a iPhone 4 still!

"WHAAAAAAAT!!!?", you may ask....

Yes, I'm ancient. Not because I buy technology late in the game, but rather the opposite!

You see, I got my brand spanking new iPhone  4 back on June 24th 2010, after I saw my friend marvel over his iPhone 3G. O' yea, that new tech, but I had to have BETTER! So I went and got myself locked into a Three Year Contract with Rogers Wireless (Worst Thing EVER to do BTW) just so I could one up EVERYBODY ELSE!!!!  WOOO HOOOO!!! I have the iPhone 4! I'm showing my shit off and it felt GOOOD!

That was until three weeks later (It Felt) that the iPhone 4s was just released!

Pffft! I thought...

I'v been using this phone all the way up to this point in time! Still works, and the apps are still supported just like the phone... Just can't go beyond  the current OS. YES I suspect that eventually this device will be useless with little to NO support in the future. But I bet that will still be in a few years. Remember how long that Nokia Brick Phone lasted!?!?!?

Then! I got this NEW and CHEAPER alternative to the new and VERY EXPENSIVE iPad., but from a very reputable company!!
A Company who cares about their customers and their device security, and blah blah, blah!

It was first released for sale on April 19, 2011, in Canada and the United States. One year after the iPhone 4. I never got my Playbook till 2013. And even before that year was over RIM decides to just DROP all support for this device. AND Every developer along with them.
If I'm wrong, then why hasn't the Facebook app been updated since 2012? Or why there is NOTHING in terms of YouTube Apps, That FORCED APP doesn't even work now!!!

Apple is good in taking care of ALL customers, but RIM... You bailed and dropped us off at the curb. We can't get Shit from RIM on this playbook, but full support still runs with Apple on a device that is OLDER than Playbook.

RIM, should offer to replace all PLAYBOOKS with their new tabs.....

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Photoshop Time Ep. 1 (100,000 Condoms)

Image was there. I don't know where the original cam from so I can't give credit. Pick ANY one of these places from TinEye.

A lot of lucky guys in that box. LOL PUN intended!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

iPhone Gun Case

For the Darwin Award Contenders.

And yet people wonder why people get shot so easily by the cops these days.

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Whispers Season 2 Might Not Happen!!

(Credit: ABC) Claire Bennigan, played by Lily Rabe, in a still from the first episodes of the show "The Whispers" season 1.  Read more:

"The Whispers" is still in its first season but the new ABC show is reportedly in danger of being cancelled for the second season as reports have surfaced that the show has been struggling to get audiences. Also, there is a shortage in the casting options for the roles of the said show.
Via: vcpost

I am NOT Amused!!!

People gotta get off the phucking reality TV shows so the more intellectual can actually have something to watch on TV without it getting the AXE before it even has a chance to get momentum!!!

TV Networks should be signing a contract stating that if the show doesn't make the ratings, then the writers need to make an ending for the show and not leave the audience who enjoyed the show hanging!

Damn and I'm getting into this show and waiting for episode 6 tonight!!!

Should I continue watching even though it might just end abruptly?

Post your thoughts in the comments.

More info here on the article that pissed me off.

Take Dog and Cat Meat Off the Menu!

Fair warning to anybody entering these sites. But the fight to stop this inhumane tradition can only be stopped if awareness is circulated.

 Say No To Dog and Cat Meat also has some horrifying documentation to open up some eyes on what's going on in this world.
Again, Fair warning to anybody who watches the videos. This disgusting festival has to stop. Tradition or not, it's fucking inhumane. We as humans are better than this!

Pillsbury Doughboy Facing Public Indecency Charges

The Pillsbury Doughboy is now facing public indecency charges for this silly little prank.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Last Saturday at Bruces (June 27th 2015)

If Men Had Periods It Wouldn't Be Gross


Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!#CanadaDay

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Happy Canada Day!