Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bloggerwave Rev's up

So I've been with bloggerwave for awhile now and I did get paid eventually. In their defense, they did have some issues to iron out as you would expect with any new online company. Things just happen.

They just recently recoded their website to use a much better programing language which I really like using and that is PHP, so now it runs a lot smother now.

Basically, what bloggerwave is exactly is a service that lets advertisers advertise through your blog. What happens is an advertiser will post what they would like to have you post about (Usually their products or services). You usually end up placing a few links in a post that you write and in turn you get paid.

The advertiser gets some link luv and you get some cash in your pocket. It's a win - win situation.

When you post something, it is something that you get to choose. You're not forced into posting about something that you normally wouldn't even think about. It's what you want to write about.

I have made a nice bit of extra cash that has helped pay for my internet connection. It only takes a few minutes to to write something up too.

So go ahead and make some extra cash and sign up to bloggerwave. If you want to increase your visibility and need to advertise, bloggerwave has that option available also.

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