Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Portable DVD Player

This is something I think every parent could use. It's a portable DVD player.
This is great for them long family vacation trips that end up usually with the kids getting cranky and fighting in the back seat. With a portable DVD player you can have the kids sit in the back seat quietly watching their favorite shows or movies.

The portable DVD player has a build in TV Tuner so when all the DVD movies are watched; they can tune into the nearest TV station and watch whatever just happens to be playing at that time.

The unit comes with a remote and has a slick look to it. It sorta looks like one of them tablets that are becoming so popular these days.

Features Include:
  • High quality 10.4" (26.4cm) LCD video monitor (4:3)
  • Incorporate set & screen design
  • Top slot loading DVD/CD
  • Also plays movies from USB flash stick
  • Ultra slim design, 30mm thickness
  • 27MHz 10 bit digital/analog convertor,
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, enabling continuous play time of 4 hours
  • Auto switch play/still image
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • Built-in anti-shock system
  • Hi-Fi audio effect
  • Compatible with MPEG4/DIVX/DVD/CD/MP3/ CD-R/CD-RW/TV
  • 2.1 channel audio output
  • 3D surround Audio effect
  • Built-in, single stereo headphone jack
  • High speed search function
  • PAL/NTSC AUTO switch
  • Chapter preview option
  • Standard accessory: Remote controller, Rechargeable battery pack, A/V cable, 240V AC/DC Wall power Adaptor, 12 volt car adaptor
  • TV tuner
  • Stereo AV input/output function
If you want to keep the kids quiet in the back seat, then you might want to grab one of these babies to keep them occupied for the ride.

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